Ultimate Survival Key
Ultimate Survival Key
Ultimate Survival Key
Ultimate Survival Key
Ultimate Survival Key
Ultimate Survival Key

Ultimate Survival Key

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A Portable Life Saviour


Want to carry a fully-functional multi-tool that looks like a key with the rest of your keys? Say hello to the Ultimate Survival Key! It is an innovative multi-tool that packs multiple versatile functions with multiple uses that have been cleverly embedded into its compact design.

This features many common tools that have been proven essential for everyday fixes and yet it is small enough to fit into a slot on your wallet or place in your lanyard.


  • All-in-one: this is a solid chunk of 420 stainless steel featuring multiple functions for daily life usages
  • Easy to carry: slip easily onto a keychain, allowing it to be an easy companion for your everyday carry
  • Lifetime buddy: both the material and construction ensure that it could withstand a lifetime of use
  • High-quality material: made oy Metal Injection Molding (MIM) in 420 Stainless Steel, heat-treated to H900 and glass bead blasted for an even cosmetic finish

  • Combine everyday common tools into one sleek little punch that delivers endless capability
  • Provide a wide range of functional possibilities allowing it to quickly and conveniently aid you in many different scenarios
  • Created for bikers, outdoor adventurers, handymen, and everyone else looking to always be prepared at a moment’s notice


    • Material: 420 Stainless Steel
    • Construction: Made by metal injection molding 420 stainless steel + heat treating to H900
    • Size: 7cm x 2.8cm x 0.5cm
    • Weight: 45g 

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Ultimate Survival Key